Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Every day after school for the past month I have checked the mail. Whenever there was an unusually large package or envelope, I jumped- only to have jumped at packets from colleges/universities that want my money or something for my mom. But yesterday after school, it came. I had called Friday and already was informed of my status, but seeing this packet was still a relief. The waiting was torture. Absolute torture. But...

I am going to Japan!

The scholarship I won through YFU is called JUSSE (Japan-US Senate Youth Exchange). It covers everything except for $2500, which is nothing compared to the $7,495 I would have had to spend. Plus it includes Air Faire =D

Ahhh! I am so excited! I cannot wait to receive more information and attend orientation!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for following me :D
    I added you to my blogroll, excited to meet you!

  2. me too!
    I can't wait!
    We leave right when school ends practically for me, AHHH STUPID SCHOOL!

  3. Hi! I'm going on the same trip as you two too! I'm gonna go and follow you both now, I hope you don't mind >_< XD

  4. Geez, when are you going to post more pics? I've been checking pretty often to see if anything new has happened. I'm sure you're plenty busy though, HAVE FUN!

  5. I cannot post any pictures! I have to check this via the family computer, which I do not want to put my pictures on.. the house has no wi-fi for my laptop...