Friday, July 9, 2010

Update for Impatient People

Ok, I have some time to type now...
My host family rocks! Sena is the cutest Japanese boy I have seen yet! Everything he does makes me want to hug him! I hope he will always remember me but it might be hard because right now he is only 4... I do not want to leave him! Ok my host dad is soooo funny and my host mom is really nice and speaks perfect Engligh because she went to high school in California for 2 years and also college there! For the World Cup, I want the Netherlands to win (sorry Spain) so ever since the semifinals began my host dad said that if the Netherlands lose, I have to eat a full serving of Natto (bleh)! Hopefully they win... He wanted Germany to win, but they lost (hahahaha!). Mama was Uraguay and Sena is Spain!
SCHOOL ROCKS! I love everyone! The boys are really shy! Ok so I have a secret.... I have a small crush on a Japanese boy. I have yet to talk to him though. But, Kaho (a very good friend) is going to invite him and another boy from our class to go to the Station after school! Ahhh! Exciting!
Today, as well as yesterday, I went to the Kudo club at my school (like archery but different). It is freaking awesome! It looks so cool! Each time they shoot an arrow my heart jumps a little. Today, they tried to teach me how to hold the bow and pull the string. Mostly a fail, but I did get some of it. They keep translating things into English for me- each student has an electronic dictionary! Anyways, next week, the Kudo teacher who is also an English teacher- yay!- is going to show me more and teach me more because today he was busy with grading after school.

Yup! I am off to the Itoku (grocery store) to buy dinner for myself because my host mom has to work until 8 for some reason. No Sena or Papa either. Also, next to the Itoku is a 100 yen shop called Daiso (large chain, very common) that I have been to three times! I love it there! I think that I have exhasted looking around though... I need to find another 100 yen store...


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